Today, printed dentures are one of the most fashionable trends in the world. In Russia, it was picked up in 2013 by the Moscow-based production company Can-Touch, which specializes in industrial 3D printing. The original idea of the project was to print out the South African prosthesis and install it to the child. Can-Touch began to search in the network of engineers, doctors and, on the other hand, people who need such a prosthesis.

In Russia, the production of prostheses does not develop as much as in other countries. In 2015, the company "Motorica" was born,which now was developed the technology in the field of rehabilitation robotics, the company still remains the most successful in this field.

Motorica decided to change the situation. For the basis of the first model, the same e-Nable prosthesis was used. In August 2013, after the prosthesis was installed to the patient, it turned out that the grip is weakly functional, the production technology is not scalable and does not take into account modern technologies of prosthetics. The next two months, Ilya - the founder of the company "Motorica" and his colleagues finalized the mechanical arm. In October, the team was ready for a new prosthesis - it was installed a four-year-old girl. The tests showed that the model met all expectations and the prosthesis was certified.

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Nikita Chizhov