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The mission of RehabMaker is to create quality, innovative products to improve health of people worldwide.


1 million people to be able to exercise autonomously by 2025, and rehabilitation time will be reduced by 20 percent.


5 June 2018 №16000080


For Whom?




Legs Injury



Our goal is to have one million people autonomously trained on their wheelchair by 2025.


Finish construction development of LegMakers for all type of wheelchairs (Sep 2019)


Start clinical trials (Sep 2019)


FDA clearance for all LegMakers (June 2021)


IPO (2025)


August - December 2018, Violetta Zhuravskaya trained in LegMaker with a diagnosis of a spinal hernia circled 500 km, worked 50 sessions, with an average duration of 31 minutes, dropped 1.5 kg and burned 12,000 calories, as well as beginning to feel the blood circulation in the legs!

Violetta Zhuravskaya  |  First LegMaker user

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How People exercice before LegMaker appears?


In Location Equipment


LegMaker - prototype

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Igor Simanov

The second person who tried LegMaker.

"LegMaker is very interesting and useful device!

My first impression when I saw the simulator, it seemed to me that the user himself was pedaling.

As a result of the injury, my legs are completely unmovable, so this device is suitable for people with a similar diagnosis. Despite the fact that this is a passive movement, there was an impression that the muscles work, and this improves blood circulation and prevents contractures in the joints.
This simulator can be used anywhere, while continuing to do everyday tasks. Unlike stationary simulators, you can do exercises and at the same time read a book, watch TV or just go somewhere. This device has its own battery and charge is enough for a long time. It is attached to your own wheelchair, and therefore you can even train on it the street, while walking." 

Dr. Theekshana Abayawickrama (M.B.B.S.),
Medical doctor, academic writer and researcher,
Base Hospital Dickoya

Millions of people worldwide suffer from weakness of lower limbs, or paraplegia as we know it. Some are paraplegic from birth, but paraplegia takes a bigger toll on people who used to run and walk but then all of a sudden were forced onto a wheelchair due to an unfortunate event like an accident or a stroke. Every passing day that they move around on wheels, they only wish for one thing and that is to be able to get back on their feet. When legs become immobile, the leg muscles waste away making it even more difficult for them to take control over their legs. Muscles act as a pump to push blood back towards the heart, so when muscles don’t work blood stagnates in the legs and that can cause blood clots and varicose veins. When legs don’t move, the injured nerves and brain cells also give up on repairing themselves and the recovery slows down. Therefor exercising the lower body is an essential part in rehabilitation of patients with paraplegia due to brain or spinal cord damage. Walking again for a paraplegic is not always impossible, but it is a tremendously difficult process that pushes them beyond their limits. These patients require countless visits to rehabilitation centers, hours of strenuous exercise, hundreds and thousands of dollars on medical bills and physical trainers, and worst of all; time, months and years of time. But what if one can do all this at home, much faster and for the faction of the cost? That is a future these paraplegic patients have been dreaming for so long. The wait is no more. The LegMaker, living up to its name, is truly a maker of legs. It can shorten the time one spends on the wheelchair and help achieve miraculous recoveries. The LegMaker is a detachable device that can easily be fixed on any wheelchair. It consists of two foot-pedals attached to an electric motor that it controlled by an electronic console panel. The pedals rotate in a circular motion, mimicking the motion of riding a bicycle, and gives exercise to all the calf and thigh muscles at the same time. The device and the pedals are adjustable to fit persons of any height and gives the full control over to the user with a touch of a fingertip. During the recovery from lower limb paralysis after a stroke or injury to the spinal cord, the damaged nerve cells and the muscles supplied by them need constant stimulation so that new nervous pathways are formed properly, and the muscles remain fit and bulky. That is why it is vital that the patients continue to stimulate their muscles and nerves early and frequently. LegMaker can help patients to start rehabilitation as early as within the first day after the event. Since there is no need to go to a rehabilitation center, they can exercise the leg muscles even 24 hours a day, so it prevents the muscles from getting stiff and wasted and accelerates the recovery process of damaged nerves and brain cells. There are only a few devices currently available in the market that are designed to help the recovery of paraplegic patients, but they are more often than not fixed equipment that are very expensive and only available in rehabilitation centers. One needs the assistance of a skilled therapist to use them and it takes a long time for a paralyzed patient to get trained to use them. In contrast, this device is relatively inexpensive, and the patient can easily use it at home after minimum training and without the need of an instructor. Patients can use the LegMaker at home by themselves, anytime they want, for as long as they want. Whether it be watching TV, reading the newspaper or playing with the kids, the LegMaker will continuously and silently be exercising their leg muscles to keep them in shape and tone and to bring the day that they walk on their own closer, every turn it makes.

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